3 Funny Wedding Vows Ideas

Looking for funny wedding vows ideas? Who said wedding vows are supposed to be serious and traditional? You can be unique and modern by choosing a funny humorous vow to stand out and make your wedding more memorable.

You know how many people choose the same old ordinary vows that makes it look like tens of other wedding ceremonies you have already been to. Don’t you think it makes it boring? How about you make your special day more fun and memorable?

The good news is, you can choose a funny wedding vow that brings a warm smile to everyone’s face. You can make a promise about your love and marriage to your beloved partner, while adding a smile to it.

Here are a few helpful tips to write your own Funny Wedding Vow

1. Just Be Yourself

You know it’s so obvious when someone is “trying” to be funny by doing or saying something out of their character? It usually is not funny at all, right?

So when writing your own funny vow, keep in mind that you can simply add a touch of humor while still being YOU. It will sound more real and funny. Trust me.

2. Say What You Want with a Touch of Humor

A funny wedding vow is very simple actually. You just say whatever message you wanted to say in a normal traditional vow, plus a touch humor to it.

So simply write down the overall message you’d like to share with your partner on your special day, and then think of funny ways to add a touch of humor to it and make him/her smile. It’s easy.

3. Show Your Vows to Your Close Friend

It is always helpful to get a second opinion about your written vow.

So why not show it to your best friend and see what he/she thinks. Maybe you will get a helpful idea from them to improve it and make it as perfect as you want it to be.

Good luck on your big day!

Looking for Funny Wedding Vows ideas to make your special day a fun memory everyone will always remember?

So check out these free Sample Wedding Vows to find tens of sample ideas to use as your wedding vow.

Photo by seanbjack