Best Man Wedding Speech Examples – Building an Effective Speech

You’ve got a tricky audience to speak to, you know that right? The guests at wedding are all over the board in age, gender, social and religious beliefs etc… So how do you cater to that? Read on for tips on getting the effect you want from your speech.

1) Don’t embellish, embrace. Embrace the past, that is. The array of people you’re talking to know a lot about you or who you’re talking about (the bride/groom), if you’re fibbing left and right to get a decent speech out, someone will know. It is best to use the past and draw on memories of you and the groom or the groom’s family to build an emotional connection with your audience. Talk about when you were little, the things you used to say about how you wanted your lives to end up, how you wanted things to be, and use specific stories to bring humor into your speech. Speaking of which…

2) Using humor with sincerity and respect. It is important when using humor in your speeches to take stock of who you are talking to and gauge an appropriate level of humor. You should also note that the best jokes are ones every one can laugh at, usually these are about the bride or groom. When using humor you should also be sure to focus on always coming back to a central message you want to convey with your speech. This message should be anchored in a serious manner and when you come back to it should draw an emotional connection, you just use the humor to get your audience to understand your message.

3) Build your speech like a story. The beginning, middle, and end kind… This isn’t the time for cliffhanger suspense. You want to use humor and charm in the beginning to draw everyone in and connect.

In the middle you should develop the message you want to come from your speech and start to show it to your by now “intent listeners.” The conclusion to your speech is tricky. To get the best effect you need to combine and uplifting cheerful attitude with a reflective and thoughtful one. You’re aiming to get your audience to cheer in agreement with you at the end while at the same time taking your main point to heart.

4) Ok this one’s kind of a bonus item. With all of these guidelines and expectations, it can be hard to know exactly what you’re supposed to do. Save yourself the guesswork, and the possibly the embarrassing mistakes that come with being new to speech writing, and get yourself a little Wedding Speech Help

You can’t be embarrassed about spending time and resources on getting your speech just right, this is nothing compared to having a speech that flops and fails to impress. The site sells itself, full of resources, custom speeches you can mix and match for any situation and even resources you can let other members of the wedding in on.

Photo by ☺ Lee J Haywood