Catholic Wedding Ceremony Program

A marriage is as a public declaration of love and commitment that is being sought from friends and family in a church ceremony. A Catholic marriage ceremony varies widely from each church to another, but often a simple ceremony, the traditional Catholic elements and includes biblical readings. For planning a traditional Catholic ceremony, you need a few things like Catholic wedding music, etc. to consider before you plan your Catholic wedding program.

Traditional Catholic wedding

Here is a step-by-step instructions that guide you to a traditional Catholic wedding program is planned. Click to read on Catholicism.

The procession
It begins with a procession of the celebrant (priest), wedding attendants, the bride and groom enters the church. The groom with the best man often occurs before the bride by the side entrance, waiting for the bride near the approach to the altar. Then the bridesmaids and groomsmen will escort each other down the aisle followed by the maid of honor, who enters alone. The bride comes last with her father or another male family member, a great appearance and is accompanied to approach the altar.

Hymn, Prayer Greeting
The priest welcomes the community to present and calls God’s blessing on the couple to be collected, and the event. Then there is the act of repentance, which consists of a common prayer for forgiveness and grace, which is followed by a prayer or song called Gloria.

The Liturgy of the Word
This is a series of readings from the Bible, namely first from the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible), then Psalms in word or song, thenfollowed by a reading from the New Testament. This is an opportunity to those people who are unable to read in your bridal party and ask them could squeeze from the Old and New Testaments. The readings, which are typically chosen by the couple to comment about the nature of love, marriage, commitment and family.

Gospel and preaching
The priest will read a passage from one of the first four New Testament books that are written by the apostles Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. After the reading of the Gospel, the priest will just reflect on the passage he read from the New Testament. The priest may also give a sermon on marriage and the union of the bride and groom.

The Wedding Rite
This is very typical of the longest part of the ceremony, which begins with the exchange of vows and rings. There are three possibilities about the vows, you can either recite by heart the vows to each other, read the vows from the book or the priest read them and respond to it with “I Do”. In some churches it is possible to write your own vows or add a few lines of the traditional lines. After exchanging the vows you will exchange rings and the priest will bless them as symbols of your love and faithfulness.

Nuptial Blessing and peace signs
The exhibition will then continue with prayers for the couple, for the community and for others who were called at the request of the couple. The guests and wedding party exchange a sign of peace, by shaking hands and can also say: “Peace be with you”.as a sign of peace.

It is also known as the “Eucharist”. Bread and wine the body and blood of Christ means, is blessed and the congregation joins together in praying the Our Father. Church members may also be given to the community.

The Concluding Rite
The whole community is now in a prayer line that is followed by a dismissal and a final deep images of the church. The priest, the congregation with the words: “This mass is fired over. You can now go in peace “. The recession is in the reverse order of the procession.

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