The groom is this younger brother a red packet, shortly after he opens the car door. If the bride has not played more youthful brother, a younger male relative, or a younger male can mate the part.

Kiss the Bride!

The groom and the brothers band is sweet rice balls with pink desserts and snacks are served at the bride’s property. The groom is the bride in place and lift the veil to kiss her. Taoist be few to the bride’s friends and family, ancestors and gods to pray just before leaving the bride’s household.

Chinese MarriageĀ Customs

The Chinese were mainly give Taoists or ancestor worshipers before foreign religions such as Christianity, Islam or Buddhism in China, such as. Taoist thought of the power of heaven and earth, to experience critical events on Earth. It was also the view that those who need to recognize a parent or older loved for it is a union official.

In traditional Chinese ceremony the bride and groom will first elders to pray until heaven and earth, then the groom’s parents or family members, and finally another arc . The sealed the marriage a few prayers. The couple were led into the bridal chamber, the equivalent area make the bride to her marriage.

Today’s Chinese wedding skip the ritual of a few prayers. The bride and groom enter the bridal chamber immediately after entering the groom’s property. Groom’s friends and family members to avoid hiding in the houseClink of luck with the new few. Returned immediately after the family members of the Hall family, the couple will join them. The Taoist bride and groom will pray to the groom’s ancestors and family gods at this time.

Wedding tea ceremony

Grown without the usual three prayers, the tea ceremony, the big opportunity in contemporary Chinese wedding ceremony. The bride and groom are formally introduced to each other through this ceremony household.

It will often place on the wedding day, as are most of the family members up to date. If some members are not readily available, additional time at the wedding dinner or at other places and times easily be performed.

Sweet tea with dried longan, red dates and lotus seeds are cooked can be used for the tea ceremony. The tea ceremony gifts such as red packets and jewelry are offered on a plate immediately after drinking the tea.

Bride home visit

Wedding Day Rituals for the few

In an old-fashioned Chinese wedding ceremony, the least few kneels or bows three instances, the heaven and earth, pedigrees, their mom and dad, and, last but not to each other. Is performed after this ritual, the bride will then serve tea, the mom and dad and family in order of seniority. Chinese wedding, you need to know if your wedding photographer

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