Destination Weddings

More and more these days, couples planning their nuptials are opting for destination weddings. Rather than renting a banquet hall and hosting a dinner for a few hundred of their nearest and dearest friends, couples are discovering the advantages of a more intimate gathering in an exotic locale.

“Now, wait a minute,” you might say. “That might have been true in the recent past, but no one’s going to that kind of expense in this economy.” Yet destination weddings can cost less than a big, locally held reception. A smaller group of truly close friends and family can join the celebration over a long weekend. Etiquette generally calls for these guests to pay for their own airfare, and then the couple treats them to the rehearsal dinner, the ceremony, the reception, and perhaps a few activities to bring everyone together. Smart couples will negotiate lower rates for booking a group at a resort, and may even be able to arrange discounted airfare.

The majority of destination weddings take place along a beach. It’s incredibly romantic to take vows with a backdrop of palm trees and gently lapping surf. Because such idyllic spots are so popular, it’s fairly easy to packages or planners who can help with Hawaii beach weddings, Caribbean beach weddings, or even Greek Island beach weddings. Many will have a wide range of accommodations available, to assist in fitting a dream wedding into a couple’s budget. The weather almost always cooperates, and friends and family can use the happy celebration as an excuse for the getaway they always promised themselves.

Once a specific destination is chosen, the couple can focus on the style of nuptials. The locale can help determine the flavor of fun or formality.

Perhaps Oahu weddings call for Hawaiian shirts and hula girls, while Jamaica weddings call for bare feet and reggae music. The food, too, can reflect the location, with a reception luau or island barbecue.

When hosting a destination wedding at a beach, the long weekend’s additional activities don’t even need to cost extra, since the sun, sand and surf provide so many options for enjoyment. And once the guests head home, hopefully happy and relaxed, the newly wedded couple will be all set to start immediately enjoying the honeymoon!

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