flower ceremonyA Flower ceremony can be as simple as a unity ritual between just the bride and groom with each placing a Flower into a bud vase.

Additionally, wedding ritual is particularly fitting for subsequent marriages when blended families are involved.

The parents and children join the bride and groom for this inter-generational ritual. Each individual adds a Flower to a vase while the officiant talks about the joys and challenges of blending families. Silk flowers can be used to create a keepsake centerpiece.

This is also a lovely ceremony in which the invited guests may participate. Have your ushers or a few young ladies distribute long-stemmed silk flowers to your guests as they arrive to be seated. While the guests are coming forward to place their flowers into the vase, it could be a wonderful time to incorporate music into the ceremony.

The words spoken during this ritual depend entirely upon the circumstances and how the ceremony is being adapted for the wedding.

Photo by A La Moda Events