The handfasting ceremony is also known as ‘binding of the hands’

The Handfasting Ceremony is Celtic in origin. It involves the tying of hands together to symbolize the coming together and remaining tied together.

There are many variations for this ceremony.

  1. One approach to the hand fasting ceremony is to use it in place of the questions of intent. The Officiant will wrap ribbons around the couples joined hands using a figure eight pattern (symbol of eternity). With each ribbon the couple will answer a question. The actual questions and number of questions asked may vary.
  2. Another approach is to involve family and friends in the ceremony. The officiant will explain the meanings and blessings for the couple as represented by each ribbon color. As the officiant goes through each color, the designated family member approaches and wraps the ribbon around the couples joined hands.
  3. A third option is to blend the hand fasting or draping of ribbons/cords with the Blessing of Hands Reading. This reading is available with the hand fasting ceremony or on its own.

Handfasting Ceremony