How to plan wedding


Wedding is, probably, the only even that takes so much preparation. And no wonder why – every woman dreams about having an amazing wedding. Moreover, all brides are longing to have a perfect wedding, just like they imagined it in the childhood. Well, I must say that any wedding (even if it’s not a perfect one) requires serious preparations and expenses. If you don’t’ want to get your celebration get spoiled, you should be extremely careful when choosing Wedding services.

I have found many Wedding services reviews in the web, and in many of them people express their irritation and dissatisfaction. Someone dealt with unprofessional photographer, some brides weren’t satisfied with their make-up specialist and hairdresser.. I agree, finding a team of people who will provide high quality wedding services is not that easy as it may seem, but what are the main things to pay attention to? How to avoid wasting money and spoiling wedding? How to make this day full only of positive emotions and impressions?

Photographer is the very person who will make your memories live. Although, today there hundreds of photographers, finding a highly qualified wedding photographer is not an easy thing to do. In this situation I would recommend you to follow friends’ advice. If you have no friends who could recommend you a good photographer, you can look for him in the web. Ask a photographer to show his portfolio. If you see that pictures are really great, feel free to deal with such professional.

But it’s also important to like photographer as a person.

Remember that he will accompany you all day long, so if you don’t come along, there will be no use in such cooperation.

Hairdresser. Every hairdresser must have portfolio – thus he can show his skills. Portfolio is the very thing that will tell you about a hairdresser more than friends or even he himself.

One of the most important things to pay attention to when choosing a hairdresser is his punctuality. Set an appointment a week before the wedding to discuss all the details. If hairdresser is late, there is a great chance he will be late on your special day.

Make-up specialist. Like with all previous specialists, visagiste must have portfolio. If you like portfolio, you can set further appointments with this specialist. Remember that really professional master will ask you about the tiniest details: bijouterie, color of a dress, hairdo style etc. If you look through portfolio in the Internet, as make-up specialist to show you his portfolio live (in many cases they choose the best photos for the web).

Cosmetics used by specialist is one of the most important things to pay attention to. Make sure you are not allergic to cosmetics or its components. Also, you will have a chance to check if cosmetics are of high quality.







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