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The thought of an island weddings brings to mind balmy breezes, sandy beaches, swaying palm trees and total relaxation. In truth, US “islands” can include not only tropical experiences, but also varied coastal experiences. These may include cooler climates with the charm of New England towns, the excitement of Long Island beaches or the elegance of Northwest vistas. But as the wintery weather is no longer appealing, why not plan to exchange your vows in a tropical locale? The diversity of food and entertainment, the photo opportunities, and the many service providers who specialize is wedding planning can easily perfect one of the most memorable days of your life.

Just imagine the ceremony, in which you will be standing alongside your beloved, breathing in the salty fresh air and listening to the waves lap at the shores while you gaze into each other’s eyes. Your guests are seated in chairs on the beach, smiling in the warmth of the sun as you exchange your vows. The casual elegance is perfect for you two and for the occasion. If you love the beach, or even met one another there, then a tropical wedding could be for you.

The ceremony is only part of the planning. What follows is the opportunity to interact with your guests, enjoy fine dining and to celebrate your love and this special occasion. Raise your wedding reception to new heights by taking advantage of patio dining above the streets at some of the finest restaurants in island locations. Make the evening extra special with the unique cuisine and entertainment of island life.

Island cuisine will almost always offer you the freshest seafood dishes available. The unforgettable experience of tropical flavors dancing across your tongue will seal this moment in your memory forever. Not only will the dinner amaze you, but the delicious tropical drinks and desserts will leave you speechless. You guests will swear that your reception had some of the best key lime pie they have ever tasted! Treat them to fine dining on the island, and entertain them with contemporary or island-themed music. Live bands and DJ’s from the islands can be numerous and are usually well-versed in adding to the atmosphere of your wedding day. Island weddings are the way to go.

When looking back on your photos documenting your vows, the tropical bliss of the entire occasion will be crystal clear. Photos of you both, worthy of feature in wedding magazines, will seem to be the standard for your wedding album. The backdrop of a vivid sunset and the silhouettes of palm trees and you as a new couple is exactly what you want to reflect upon.

It is no wonder that island weddings are so popular. This type of destination wedding could hardly be anything less than perfect. Add a reception that sustains the tropical feel of the day, and your guests will happily recall being present at your union for years to come! Why not vow to make your wedding tropical?

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