Making The Most Of Your Wedding: The Wedding Vows

There is no doubt that planning a wedding can be one of the most daunting tasks a person can undergo. Since the majority of the work traditionally falls upon the bride and her family (let’s face it, the guys, largely, just don’t care if the flowers are yellow and pink, canary and magenta, or goldenrod and cherry) it is always a good idea to have the assistance of a professional wedding planner or at least a trusted friend or relative to help keep all of the details in order. That assistant can take care of everything from ordering the cake to making sure the reception seating arrangement is in order and Uncle Herbert is as far from the bar as possible while Aunt Helen and Aunt Gertrude won’t come in contact with one another at all. One thing that will be entirely up to the happy couple, however, is the decision on the wedding vows. This is one aspect of the event that the groom will have to participate in as well.

The traditional wedding vows are immortal and familiar to us all. We’ve all heard the phrase “to love, honor, and cherish,” a million times before and, regardless of race, religion, or nationality, we all immediately associate these words with the marriage ceremony. There is nothing wrong with that. The traditional wedding vows are powerful words of love and commitment and, if you like those vows and they hold a special place in your heart, then you should feel free to include them in your wedding ceremony.

Many couples write their own wedding vows. The practice is now so common that original wedding vows have almost replaced the traditional vows as the norm for weddings, but that does not mean that the time-honored vows are any less meaningful.

For those that do wish to write their own wedding vows, the options are limitless. Some couples pen their wedding vows completely from their hearts and minds, using this portion of the wedding ceremony as an opportunity to express their love and devotion to one another in a very personal way. Others borrow literary quotes, song lyrics, poetry, or other non-original material that expresses their feelings for their beloved, to incorporate into their wedding vows. Anything that says how you feel is acceptable.

A young spouse-to-be may sometimes experience writer’s block when composing the wedding vows. This stems from anticipation of the pending event and is perfectly natural. The best way to overcome this anxiety is to slow down, close your eyes and think about your fiancée. Imagine what you would say if he or she were right in front of you, with no one around. Find the best way to tell that person how you feel, how deep your love is, and what you promise to do and be as a husband or a wife. The words will come in no time and the result will be a beautiful wedding ceremony that is highlighted by beautiful and personal wedding vows.

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