Some folks may believe that a Wedding Officiant simply performs a ceremony and “ta-da” the couple is married so the party begins. So, who cares if the Officiant is clever, friendly or helpful, after all, they have such a simple job to do. Well, here is a humble example of why anyone looking to tie the knot should look for that ‘perfect’ Wedding Officiant.

I am a Wedding Officiant. I take my job very seriously and feel it is of utmost importance to add love and joy to the recipe. A wedding day, your wedding day, is after all a day to celebrate the love of you and your significant other

sand ceremonyNot too long ago, I had prepared a charming wedding ceremony for a delightful couple who were not only tying the knot but in the process were creating a blended family comprising of five individuals. Both the bride and groom had children from a previous marriage, and they were making a concerted effort to tie them all together as a family, symbolically speaking of course. This promised to be a quaint destination wedding with just the family at a rented cabin. The couple had requested a Family Sand Ceremony – a ceremony where differently colored sand was going to be poured into a single container, representing the five diverse lives forming a single family unit. A very touching and symbolic ceremony if I may add.

This is where the challenge begun. Somewhere in the couple’s planning they had not thought to bring the five different colors of sand that were required to complete the ceremony. It is just as well that I arrived early to go over the fine details of the ceremony. During our pre-ceremony conversation, it came to my attention that there was no sand. What to do? My first thought was that we could modify the ceremony to leave out the sand ceremony, but alas, that just wouldn’t do. I asked permission to start digging through their cabinets to see what I might find. They were eager to have the sand ceremony so off I went. I originally thought of using salt and pepper but then I still needed three additional colors. Then, I thought, where there are children, there is usually cereal and sure enough, right behind the cheerios I found the Froot Loops. Light bulb! What does Froot Loops have that we needed here? It has colors, lots of colors. The Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles all were organized in the kitchen, sorting colors and crushing the Froot Loops into fine granules. The family members were absolutely “a glow” with having such an important role in bringing the ceremony together. There was much laughter and pride.

Instead of this little fiasco turning into bad situation, it turned into a fun and very memorable part of the wedding day. Not only did the ceremony involve the five close members of this union, but made the entire extended family be part of it! Perhaps I should add Froot Loop ceremony to my repertoire!

This just shows the importance being open-minded and flexible and ultimately able to turn potential problems into happy events. A creative Wedding Officiant is a blessing!


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