The Power of Words

Different words have different energies. Some word inspire and motivate, others stifle. Some words are high powered, others are low key. However, every words have something in common, and that’s the ability to determine how we think and feel.

Experts tell us that the habitual words that we use influence our mood and our physiology. And, that by changing our frequent used words, we can change how we think, feel and how we will react.

As an example, take a person who would be describing the current economic situation. Some of words that could be used are: catastrophic, recession, hard or rough times. All these words have a very negative connotation and will influence the person who speak those words as well as the listeners in a negative and disempowering way.

However, if that person used other words to describe the same situation such as: challenging times or learning times or the dawn of a new area of opportunities, the effect would be much different.

The latter words and terms are much less threatening and not so destructive for the moral of the speaker and listeners.

The habitual words that we use are very important because they will determine, not only how we think and feel, but they are also the criterion by which people will perceive and determine who we are. Plus, it’s impossible to think clearly by using vague and unspecific words.

It is said that there are now close to a billion words in the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Each of these words have a specific connotation. Each convey a specific message. To use those words specifically and accurately is the hallmark of a person of substance and content.

Words constitute the vehicle of communication.

The precise words will communicate a clear message whereas carelessly chosen words will foster ambiguity.

It does take time and discipline to get into the habit of using the precise words but the reward of that discipline cannot be underestimated. Both in terms of communication skill and overall state of mind. Precision is the key and quality of life the reward.

Dr. Raymond Comeau aka Shamou is the Author of ShamouBlog and Administrator of Personal Development for Personal Success Forums.