Wedding Ideas
Start with a Gift: A gift that starts off the most important day of your life will help set the day’s tone. Exchange a gift with your fiancé(e) the night before your wedding with instructions not to open until the next morning. 

Surround Yourself with Friends and Family: Your wedding day is meant to be a celebration. Surround yourself with those nearest and dearest to you so that you can share the memories of the day for years to come. 

Make the Past Part of the Present and Future: Incorporate some special elements into your day that will be carried with you and can be used in the future. An heirloom piece of jewelry is a great way to make this happen. 

Bring on the Bubbly: Toasts are an excellent way to make one’s wedding day more memorable. A glass or two of champagne can help calm some pre-wedding jitters while dressing and preparing for the day’s festivities. 

Celebrate Memories: If there is someone special who cannot be there to celebrate, try to incorporate them into your day. A memory candle or picture can be a great way to bring their memory or presence into your wedding day celebrations. 

Photograph Everything: Designate a friend or family member to follow you through the day’s activities. Most brides will enlist the services of their photographer while dressing, but candid shots can add a special element to scrapbooks and photo albums. 

Spend a Moment Alone: With all eyes on the bride and groom throughout the day, it is important to take 5 minutes alone as a couple. Find a quiet spot and reflect on the fun of the day’s events. Years later, you will be glad you did. 

Start a Tradition: Consider starting a tradition with your wedding that can be continued for generations to come. Share a story with a family member, pass along a gift to a trusted confidant or anything else that would help the bride or groom feel special on their big day. 

Journal the Day: Take some time, either the night of your wedding, or first thing the next day to write down your memories of the day. The time spent writing will help you relive all the special moments of your celebration. 

Bridal Spa Packages: Gather your closest friends and plan to spend some time relaxing and enjoying bridal spa packages. Whether your nails need attention, your hair or skin, all brides, family and attendants will enjoy some well deserved pre-wedding pampering.

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