Musical stars Madge Elliott and Cyril Ritchard's wedding, St Mary's Cathedral, Sydney, 16 September 1935 / photograph by Sam Hood
State Library of New South Wales collection / Foter

A wedding photo montage is a must if you really want to always revisit your wedding memories. This is because the photos will be arranged according to chronological order of the events. A wedding montage may also be used to showcase childhood pictures of yourself and your partner, as well as your courtship days.

It is best for you to hire a professional company offering these wedding montage services – your wedding memories are important and you would want to trust them to a professional. There are a lot of advantages that will come with the photo montage; however, you need to get a designer who will ensure that the photos are arranged in a creative way. Having the perfect masterpiece of the wedding photo montage will keep your wedding day special and the memories very fresh in your mind.

Advantages of a Wedding Montage to revisit wedding memories:

Having a photo montage of your wedding day can be very special. One of the advantages of having one is that you can have an emotional recollection of your wedding events! A wedding montage is also very important, since not all invited guests will make it to the wedding. If they catch up with you at a later date, they will get to look at your amazing wedding photos in the montage, or even your courtship pictures.

Another advantage of having a wedding montage is to help you reconnect and remember all the things you did with your friends and the bridal party. Being the bride or the groom, you are likely to miss out on some nuances especially if you are having a big wedding celebration. The photo montage will give you a “frame by frame” story of what exactly happened on the day. A wedding montage professional is therefore needed to properly organize the photos that were taken, into beautiful presentations. Every time you look at your wedding photo montage, the memories of your big day will still be lingering sweetly in your mind!

Types of Wedding Montage

There are several types of wedding montage. Thanks to technology, a videographer can edit the photos of your wedding events, as well as growing up and courtship pictures, while a montage specialist could help you create an amazing wedding photo montage. You can then have all these photo montage transferred into a DVD.

Having the photos stuck on a background wallpaper is yet another option. This will be another great way to revisit all the events as they unfolded. When you have the DVD photo montage, the slideshow will enable you to go back in time, and walk down memory lane.

All kinds of wedding photo montage can be created- it is up to you to tell the montage designer what you need. Some prefer to have a “black-and-white” slideshow for a classic image, while others love colorful floral designs for the backgrounds.

What to Include and Avoid in Your Wedding Photo Montage

There are some things that you would not want to include in your wedding memories – perhaps some unsavory incident occurred. Therefore, only include events that will give you a positive feel. You should definitely include any entertaining moments in your wedding photo montage! This will remind you of how everybody enjoyed your wedding celebration.

Some couples also include several shots of their official wedding photos. This will make your photo montage really unique and spectacular.

If you are getting married and have an idea of the type of wedding photo montage you need, be sure to contact a photo montage specialist to put together a montage with your wedding memories!

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Here is a DIY way of preserving wedding memories: