Wedding Sand Ceremony

The wonderful thing about the wedding ceremony is sand, that at the end of all that glass mixed with the sand can be taken home to be together as a constant reminder to the couple’s vows special and new life. Celebrate every birthday and Valentine’s Day, the vessel is a constant symbol of love, presented over and over again can be.

To personalize a unity sand ceremony, some couples invite their families to bring your own colored sand. You can then take turns pouring their sand into the glass unit. This makes her life included in the new life that is created. This course is not mandatory for all sand ceremonies.

To date, the source of unity sand ceremony is unconfirmed. Some say it’s a Native American tradition, while others believe it to be a Hawaiian cultural practices. Whichever it is, it has become a symbolic ritual during weddings and ceremonies of dedication.

It can also be unity candle during a ceremony sand. These candles are sitting, especially for purposes of effect on the tip of the sand in all three glasses of sand. Usually white in color ivory, they can be of different contrasting colors on the sand to act as a highlight. For added shine, a hint of glitter on the candles, the candles or tea lights usually either short size are added.

Personalized glasses are also possible – the names of the couple can be engraved on the glass unit along with other wedding details, or phrases, such as a wedding date and location.

These types of sand ceremony unity candle sets are perfect for outdoor weddings. Just like any other unit candle ceremony will be held in the home, the unity candles for weddings outside first ignitedseparately. The two candles are lit to a larger one usually positioned in the center opened. The two individual candles can be blown or left lit for the rest of the ceremony.

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